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EMERGENCY SECURITY MEETING @ 12 a.m. - November 3, 2011 @ Area 99

EMERGENCY SECURITY MEETING @ 12 a.m. - November 3, 2011 @ Area 99
Occupy Las Vegas is facing a stated threat of an attempted co-opt by elements supporting violence against the United States. If this is allowed, Occupy Las Vegas could become classified as a terrorist organization under the Patriot Act. This meeting is to save OLV.


comment by
Anonymous (not verified) on 2011-11-3

Audio cut out at the end, and there was talk of "Membership" and "an agency?" What is going on?

comment by Kinetik
Kinetik on 2011-11-3

Having watched the 12 am meeting, would someone explain what is going on here? There was no GA, just an impromptu "emergency" meeting, references to the Patriot Act...and a bunch of very suspicious behavior.

Some explaining is certainly in order.

comment by loadedvegas
loadedvegas on 2011-11-3

I move that this assembly is stricken from the record.

comment by Kinetik
Kinetik on 2011-11-3

I move to block.

This is a watershed moment.

Dhalgren's picture
Dhalgren on 2011-11-3

Was anything decided at this impromptu meeting that could have been communicated at tonight's GA -where more of us would have been able to attend?

comment by Kinetik
Kinetik on 2011-11-3

No...IMHO it met the classification of a true, bonafide emergency.

admin's picture
admin on 2011-11-3

What was the emergency? Watershed moment? Please stop talking in riddles, dude.

comment by
Anonymous (not verified) on 2011-11-3

IMHO, it looks like about anyone can call an emergency meeting and get away with it.
wtf is "jjreed". Perhaps actual Team Managers should call a meeting, just a thought ;)

comment by good_mourning
good_mourning on 2011-11-3

I demand to see concrete proof of this "emergency" right now.

I was sitting in the Livestream--which had no wrangler to allow me to speak--and heard nothing but talk of "bylaws".

comment by mbourdaa
mbourdaa on 2011-11-3



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