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LATEST NEWS on the OLV Domain Hack


IF YOU VISITED OCCUPYLASVEGAS.ORG ON THE MORNING OF NOV 6, you saw that the domain name was pointing to some weird web page about zionism. It seemed there was a deliberate attempt to make it appear that we had been taken over by an extremist hate group.

BUT IF YOU VISITED you could see that the real site still existed the whole time. This proved that ONLY THE DOMAIN NAME POINTER had been changed. The site itself was completely untouched, and no data has been compromised.

The owner of the OCCUPYLASVEGAS.ORG domain name account (at GoDaddy) is Sebring Frehner. Mr Frehner has claimed that his computer was taken advantage of because he uses password-savers, and he left his machine laying out in the open. Whether the story was true or not, it adequately served to support the conclusion that this person should no longer be in control of The People's data (such as passwords to support websites and service providers), since he seems to have little regard for the security of the data with which he has been entrusted.

The tech team has made all the required changes so that the site may continue operating. The new domain name of the old, original, official, GA-consensus approved site is:

UPDATE NOV 7 2011: Mr Frehner & company have launched a new website using the OCCUPYLASVEGAS.ORG domain name. This brings the total number of Occupy groups in Las Vegas to four. Now we only need 96 more! ;-)


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- Viscount Northcliffe

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